The Law Offices of David R. Demurjian, A.P.C.
Police Defense for "Use of Force" Litigation, Agency "Use of Force" Instruction and Use of Force Expert for Court.

Our Mission

Since the 1980's, as a criminal prosecutor, David Demurjian has witnessed first hand the dangers of being a police officer in New York City, Boston and in Southern California.  He observed police officers being thrusted into litigation over their "use of force" after having placed themselves in harms way for the public trust. Realizing that an aggressive defense was needed for law enforcement officials, Mr. Demurjian formed the Demurjian Law Group with a special focus on "use of force" scenarios.

Whether it is in federal court, state court or at an administrative hearing, the Demurjian Law Group will be there to defend a law enforcement official's "use of force."  Most importantly, in California we will have the right "police lawyer" in the courtroom representing law enforcement personnel.

Mr. Demurjian is a graduate of New York University (1984) with a double major in economics and in classics. He received his Juris Doctor at Fordham University School of Law (1987). He is a member of the California, New York and Massachusetts State Bars and also the 1st, 2nd, and 9th Federal Circuits.  Mr. Demurjian is also a certified force instructor for a large law enforcement agency.  His assignments have been patrol, gang enforcement and academy staff for the last seventeen years.  These assignments have provided him with a unique insight into the split second decisions made in the life and death encounters of law enforcement.  Mr. Demurjian is also a captain assigned to the Judge Advocate General's Office.

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